New York State Requirements

All the courses offered on are approved for the New York opthalmic spectacle and contact lens continuing education.

The frequently asked questions that follow should address most of your questions. If not, you are always welcome to call us at 949-551-5455 or you can contact the NY state board directly at 518-474-6374

I am a New York state licensed optician, how many continuing education credits do I need to earn?

How many credits am I allowed to earn through the Internet?

How many credits do you offer through the Internet?

Can I combine Internet credits and credits I earn through other means, such as by attending seminars, to meet my requirements?

Can the credits I earn online also be used for my ABO and/or NCLE certification?

What about "Credits by Mail"? I've heard that I can only earn 3 credits towards my New York license using CECs by Mail.

How much do credits cost? Do I pay more if I need them for my state license and national certification through the ABO/NCLE.

I also have a license in another state, can I apply the credits to both?

How long does to take to receive my credits once I have completed the course.

What do I do with my credits once I receive them?

Suppose I want to speak to someone with questions regarding my credits.

I do not want to use my credit card to purchase courses over the Internet, I would like to pay by check. But I would still like to earn my credits online. Can I do this?

I would like to earn credits through the mail. Can I still do this?